Sunday, 20 January 2013

Black Milk's New Movie..

In less than 24 hours Black Milk's new Lord of the Rings range will be on sale! The brand currently have a Star Wars line which has gone down a storm so there's no doubt that their new collection will be another hit.

Get ready to break the bank...

Friday, 18 January 2013

Monster Fashion

When I saw Meadham Kirchhoff's fur coats that resembled characters from Monsters Inc hit the runway back in February I fell irrevocably in love. The fur was long and inked in splashes of clashing colours. It was typical Meadham Kirchhoff and I was sure I wouldn't find any that came close to it on the high street, but I have just brought one that satisfies my lust and at a fraction of the cost.

My favourite Meadham Kirchhoff design is the monster face <3

Topshop £95

Meadham Kirchhoff AW12

Meadham Kirchhoff AW12

Meadham Kirchhoff AW12

Meadham Kirchhoff AW12

Meadham Kirchhoff AW12

Thursday, 10 January 2013

High Waisted Undies

High waisted knickers have fast become a huge trend in the lingerie market. The retro style is being pioneered by every brand from Topshop to Ann Summers but it's often thought a risque style that many women are afraid to try. I'm not surprised, it's the style of our grandparents' era which is a connotation that puts many of us off, with common references as 'the granny pant'. High waisted knickers were the fashion of the fifties, often worn with a longline bra and waspie to help create the cinched in waist that came with Dior's New Look. In recent decades, the high waisted knicker has been considered unfashionable, with thongs and briefs being more desirable, but I say embrace this sexy 'new' look!

In more recent years it has been dubbed 'the Bridget Jones pant' with many women fearing that famous Bridget Jones moment when she realises that she's wearing some incredibly large knickers, just as Cleaver is pulling up her dress. But today's high-rise pants come in a far more stylish and sexy selection, and in fabrics that aren't designed to suck you in and drop a dress size but to look and feel amazing. My favourites are those in silks and satins and a matching bra is vital. The unfortunate thing about this trend, however, is that stores charge you for that extra little bit of material, costing around £18 on the high street, which probably comes very close to the cost of the bra! Whether men get this look is the question on everyone's lips, but who cares? It's a look that will make you feel sexy, whether anyone see's it or not.

The trend has been popularised by the likes of Mad Men and Burlesque who's characters have become style icons leaving women lusting after their look, reminding women and designers today how sexy the style is. And it's not just on our screens, an endless number of celebrities are now flaunting the high waisted knicker in music videos, shows and photo shoots - and fashion is in love with it! In the last year, high waisted knickers have graced the covers of many of my magazines - and I buy a lot!

High waistlines are no longer a thing of the past, many skirts, trousers and shorts are all rising high once again which leaves us with all the more reason to slip into a retro pair of pants. We have all come to accept the high waisted knicker in the outerwear sense for clubbing - if you are unfamiliar with this look don't be too alarmed, this knicker is made in a much thicker and usually more embellished material than that used for lingerie, even if it does show off just as much - so I think it is now time for us girls - and in fact for men - to accept the high waisted knicker into our lingerie draw.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Alternative fashion: does it still exist?

Back when I was in high school, I was called 'alternative' but looking through old pictures of myself sporting a neon pink tutu with leopard print tights and chains of acrylic diamond-shaped jewellery (a stereotype known as 'scene kids') I wondered, "does 'alternative' really exist anymore?". Since the scene kid days, no new tribe has been born, and all the old ones seem to have merged together and boundaries have become so blurred they are hard to identify.

Reminiscing these past fashion choices with my house mates while scrolling through the album pages of our old Bebo sites got me thinking about how there hasn't been a new subculture in a long time and how today everything in fashion seems to be acceptable. We don't feel the need to dress the same as our friends in order to feel accepted in society, we can leave the house dressed as bizarre as we like and, although some may look twice and possibly even laugh at your choice of attire, it won't be abnormal.

Today, more and more artists such as Lady Gaga and Jessie J hit the red carpet wearing more than daring attire - something which no longer shocks the public (at least not since Lady Gaga's meat outfit). Back in the 80s Madonna dared to push the boundaries of what society deemed normal and acceptable by fearlessly stepping onto the red carpet in a pointed bra and suspenders. But today, does it really take that much balls? Although we all think Gaga is a bit nuts, we're never really taken aback by her latest pap'd look in our magazine, maybe just a 'huh' and turn the page.

Each year London hosts Alternative Fashion Week in which designers who do not walk the runways of fashion week exhibit their clothes. This year I attended the event, but was left disappointed, not because I didn’t like the clothes but because I didn’t feel any of it surprised me. However, this may all be a very British opinion. Maybe I’ve just spent too much time walking around Camden Lock. We are after all the host of the most creative and, I have to say it, ‘alternative’ fashion week, home to the brilliantly avant-garde designers Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and Meadham Kirchhoff. But I think this is how it should be: people wear what they want, express themselves through clothes, and nobody gives a shit!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Do It Like A Dude In Androgynous Chic

The trouser suit has roller-coastered in and out of fashion for decades but this season the classic suit has gone urban. No longer an outfit for the office, trouser suits been given a casual twist. A-list celebrities have swept up the look with pieces in audacious geometric prints since every major designer from Muiccia Prada to Ralph Lauren dictated that the trouser suit was the only trend this season in their February shows.

The urban trouser suit is all about texture, pattern, cut and colour: Jacquard thrives through this trend and looks incredible when clashed with an array of fabrics to create a wilderness of textures. These edgier designs are for the fashion-savvy, providing total comfort to the city girl while sustaining ultimate style. The trousers are slim and ankle cut while jackets are either a cute crop or oversized with bunched up sleeves. Prada even saw some pieces cinched at the waist by thick black glossy belts while loud geometric prints were paired with matching belts that blended so well it could trick the eye. Florence Welch has been snapped masculine cut tapestry prints in eerie hues that sit perfectly against her dishevelled red hair while Rihanna chose paisley metallics in a more tailored style.

The urban trouser suit comes with a hard attitude and finished with tousled hair for an effortless aesthetic. Once a fashion faux pas, matchy matchy is now the only way to work it! It’s a bold statement but it’s about creating a signature and expressing a story through style. Your personality should bleed through like words.
Queen of urban chic, Nicki Minaj appeared on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man sporting the trouser suit in one all-over colour – that means strikingly bold and the colour scheme didn’t stop at the suit. Miu Miu’s audacious geometric prints are the epitome of urban chic. Perfect copies have since taken over the high street with fashion brands like Zara, Warehouse and even Marks and Spencer – there’s a first time for everything – hitting the bullseye with suits in soft wool fabrics.

Since Yves Saint Laurent kick started the look with Le Smoking in 1966, the trouser suit has come a long way. The look has remained androgynously chic however has become far more complex as sets come in a variety of prints and glistening embellishments. Haider Ackerman brought us some exquisitely cut ensembles which resembled the attire of Jedi Knights while Jason Wu and Stella McCartney brought us shimmering threads in a beautiful jacquard weave for their pre collections.

The trouser suit has always been about rebellion; women standing up and protesting against the female stereotype, embracing an androgynous look which oozes both power and authority. Marc Jacobs calls it ugly chic but this urban chick knows exactly what she wants and has all the confidence to take it. CEO of Whistles, Jane Shepherdson confessed to the Evening Standard to being a trouser suit addict explaining, “It’s about authority. If I feel I need ‘armour’ any day, then I will put on a trouser suit. It lets people know you’re serious and not to be messed with.”

Accessories are an important part of the look too. Pile them high in chains, studs and spikes and complete the look with an Alexander McQueen knuckleduster clutch bag. The iconic suit is best paired with an ankle boot or brogues although some may prefer a more controversial platform creeper, the choice is yours, just don’t forget socks are also a key component. A sense of urban culture lavished collections in September. See the Jean Paul Gaultier and Diesel shows for inspiration on how to style and accessorise an outfit into an urban abyss. And remember to keep one eye peeping out from under your brolly because street style is the best means for inspiration on the urban suit, and you never know who may be stealing ideas from your own choice of styling.

This season, the girly girl is replaced with a hard-core androgynous fashion siren.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Embrace Your Inner Geek!

Add a flash of POW to your wardrobe with this season’s comic strip style!

Our favourite cartoons have been given a fash-over this Autumn as designers get nostalgic, sending bright and bold cartoon prints flying down the runway. From Batman to Mickey Mouse, comic book characters have taken a heroic leap from the page and onto the catwalk. Phillip Lim's Pre Fall collection popped with 'KAPOW' jumpers and pop art clutch bags while Jeremy Scott coated his models head-to-toe with Bart Simpson's face whom he named 'Bartman' in his men's pieces. Other designers whose collections took a comic cue were Marcus Lupfer, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and Fam Irvoll whose show took on a more playful role with Monsters, Inc. themed pieces.

Fashion has always taken inspiration from the Silver Screen but this micro trend has a new twist - the iconic characters are 2D. Wear their logo's on t-shirts, dresses, bodies and even shoes - the choices are endless! Look to your favourite characters in The Big Bang Theory for the low down on geek chic - and if you're really feeling it, the lingo too! Wear sci-fi tee's and discover your alter-ego, clashing the trends key primary colours: red, yellow and blue. However, if the thought of stomping the streets in a bodycon dress fully embellished with the word 'POW!' seems a little too much, why not stick to some of the more toned down mickey mouse prints or carrying a 3.1 Phillip Lim heroine clutch? Whichever you choose, be sure to sketch it with your own personal spin.

From designer to high street, you only have to flick a page to get your hands on the trend and it doesn't have to break the bank. Follow in the super steps of celebrities like Cheryl Cole and Little Mix who have been recently snapped in the gear. Maybe it's the hint of Christmas beginning to spill into the shops or September's launch of Phillip Lim's fashion comic book 'Kill the Night' that's got us all abuzz with excitement and embracing the child inside us. Who knows, but it's definitely swooped in and saved us from the dreaded winter blues as we wave goodbye to Summer... or at least the hope of another sunny day.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Snowflakes are falling at McQueen

Alexander McQueen are embracing the frosty weather this Christmas with their new Snowflake Knucklebox Clutch <3

...Just one problem: it's £1,845 !!