Sunday, 11 December 2011

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood epitomises British fashion. Her continuously avant-garde collections reek connotations of sex and rebellion, shocking while just as strongly, capturing the audience. It’s no wonder the teacher turned designer has been awarded the title ‘Dame Vivienne’ for her work. She is the genius who turned punk into fashion, leading the way with fetish leather, skin-tight latex and controversial images – all of which were sold under a shop named ‘Sex’. Her 70s punk style creations were reminiscent of the Dada movement, sending models down the runway in whatever society deemed to be ugly.
Westwood pushed boundaries and what people thought to be acceptable by producing t-shirts of Queen Elizabeth with a safety pin through her lip and others with slogans like “his hands touched her breasts as he pressed her against the wall”. She claimed the Queen to be an influence on her earliest collections which is why her iconic logo takes the form of an orb. The gold-maned lioness is renowned for her use of the corset and creating a voluptuously feminine silhouette which has sparked many celebrity followers like Helena Bonham Carter and Dita Von Teese.
She is a fashion heroine and a loose cannon but she knows when it is time to do something knew and move on.

Here are a few of my favourite Westwood pics...

Friday, 9 December 2011


I have grown a very strong obsession with slippers over the last few months, I just can't get enough of them! The funny thing is, when I first saw them I hated them.. So what changed? ...studs! I slid my feet into a black Topshop pair covered in silver studs and I instantly fell in love with them all! They're the perfect shoe to pair with any outfit. They're so comfortable and they grip well to your feet so there's no trouble walking about town in them. I love how they're as easy as the common pumps but add a fashionable edge to your outfit.

Here are some of the slippers I love...

1. £39.98 Aldo 2. £18.00 Asos 3. £28.00 Topshop  4. £35.00 Asos  5. £18.00 Topshop 6. £21.00 Asos 7. £52.50 Asos 8. £50.00 Asos 9. £35.00 Asos 10. £52.50 Aldo 11. £40.00 Asos 12. £30.00 Topshop

My Trip To Brighton

 So yesterday I went to Brighton for a new shopping experience, and in fact a whole new weather experience! Besides snooping round all the vintage shops and unique boutiques that Brighton offers, I spent some time with my friends walking alongside the beach and getting blown away by 80mph winds! It was a great laugh although I almost one of my bags!

Here are some of my Brighton must-haves and finds...

A store I've wanted to visit for years! Red Mutha makes
original pieces from old scraps and unwanted clothes

My new belt from Urban Outfitters: £5 in the sale!
Primark: £12.00
Vivienne Westwood in Urban Outfitters... You don't wanna
know the price!
I saw this dress in Urban Outfitters, I want it!

Brighton pier and sea :)..

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My New Bag

A winter sales bargain from Aldo. Reduced from £35 down to £14.98!

Also in the sale, the shoes to match...
Aldo: £44.98


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In frustration with underwear!

For years I have been completely frustrated over the sizes in which underwear is made! For a girl of a larger bust and small waist, and a girl into fashionable underwear, finding underwear that fits and looks great is a very difficult task!
The thing that aggravates me the most is when shops, like Topshop, sell bralets in sizes 6, 8, 10... What is the point in that?! Talk about making it impossible to find anything that fits! And what's more irritating is that I can see it available, I love it and it is affordable, but I can't buy it! Right now, Topshop has a stunning range of bralets and bodies I adore. They are exactly what I love and look for in underwear, but the sizes just won't fit me! Not even close.
Bra sizes for women with bigger busts are generally not attractive. Underwear is just as important as outwear to me, my whole wardrobe must have the same aesthetic. The only two affordable shops that provide for women like me are Ann Summers and La Senza, but even then the choice is slim pickings.

Here is a selection I love from Topshop...

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


I discovered this small independent brand at this years Clothes Show and I instantly fell in love with it. I'm a huge fan of alternative fashion, and if it hadn't been for the heavy price tag I would've made a purchase.
Eustratia designs and creates garments made purely of latex. Their collections are innovative and beautifully unique, each item is hand made with high quality materials. The pieces that caught my eye the most at the show were their bralet tops in matt latex - I need one of these in my life! However the price for one top is around £75.
I will be keeping my eye on Eustratia in hope that one day I will be able to afford one of their amazing pieces!

Monday, 5 December 2011

McQueen to show at London Fashion Week

Each year I am baffled by the fact that the McQueen collections are shown at Paris Fashion Week, purely due to that fact that the brand it so British! Lee McQueen was so proud of his British heritage that he paid homage to its history in his collections season after season with lines such as Highland Rape.
However, in Spring 2013, Alexander McQueen will walk the London runway in celebration of a new store opening on Dover Street. Lets just hope a MET-like exhibition comes with it!

Clothes Show Live

So this weekend I went to the Clothes Show in Birmingham. I can confirm that there were great bargains and lots of eye candy! Unlike BNTM Live, the Clothes Show holds more of a focus on shopping for discounted gear - the majority of which are cheap market stalls you would pass by on the streets of London and the day therefore requires wading through a lot of crap. But indeed there was treasure to be found! Unfortunately as a student, money is sparse and I have learned that I must be selective when it comes to shopping -  a very hard skill to master.

Here are my, and my sisters, Clothes Show buys (besides handfuls of goody bags and freebies)...

My new faux snakeskin bag

I love the lightning bolt across the front!

My new Pretty Polly tights for the bargain of £5!

My sister brought this stunning brocade-look strapless dress
from Strawberry Kats

Another Pretty Polly bargain for my sister

I also brought these House of Holland for Pretty Polly tights, however they're a christmas present so I must wait a few weeks ...

The live show stepped up to its usual standard, besides the fact that our vision was compromised by a large pillar infront of the stage. George Lamb opened the show with Grace Woodward who was looking slightly less glamorous than her BNTM appearance in a baby pink tunic dress and platform shoes (the same pair she wore to BNTM!). Other celebrities that took to the stage were Lauren Goodger - causing my sister to burst into a hype of excitement - The Parade and Kimberly Wyatt. I was also extremely excited to see three of my most loved models on the runway - Max, BB and BNTM winner Jade! And to top it off, I touched BB while leaving the live show ;) and he is just as gorgeous as on Dirty Sexy Things!

Here are just a selection of the images I took of the show...

Grace Woodward and George Lamb

Towie's Lauren Goodger joins them for a chat

The Parade

BB and Max 

Kimberly Wyatt

Kimberly Wyatt

Kimberly Wyatt

BB holds Jade's hand as they work the runway

I managed to snap a picture of BB right before
I turned to mush!