Thursday, 10 November 2011


On Saturday 29th October I went along to the event which celebrates the much-loved Britain's and Ireland's Next Top Model. The event was smaller than previous years but they made up for it by bringing in bigger celebs! I was ecstatic when I heard Grace Woodward would be at the event along side Charlie Speed! She looked absolutely stunning in a gold sequin wrap dress and platform shoes. Her hair was slicked back to show off her beautiful features. I was surprised by how much smaller she was in real life!
Grace revealed that her favourite designer was Alexander McQueen - a fact which sparked a large grin to appear on my face. The duo also discussed how they stumbled in to their careers in the fashion industry and how styling is in fact the hardest job to score in the industry.

The event also included performances from up and coming artist The Queen of Hearts who was actually great! Her voice and styling complemented themselves well, I definately recommend looking her up.

Bluey Robinson also performed on the catwalk - I'd never heard him before this day but now I hear his music everywhere! He was great too!

The catwalk show was unfortunately not as awesome as last years, I have to admit, however I still thoroughly enjoyed it. The show focused on the models from the programme, with lots of appearances from Jade! Yay! She was a well deserved winner! However, one thing that was slacking was the male talent - unless of course you like slimmer men. I missed the dancers of the 2010 show who came out in small red (and very tight ;) ) shorts, and who looked as though they'd spent the entire summer in the gym in preparation for that very event.

Other celebrities such as Amy Childs appeared on the open catwalk to showcase her new clothing collection. She was asked "what was the inspiration for your collection?" to which she replied "myself really". Pretty much sums her up doesn't it? She also sounded exactly like Katie Price! Pretty much just a mini-me.

Overall it was a great day! Lots of shopping and more importantly, lots of freebies!!!

Here are some more pictures from the day..

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  1. i love a blog with a lot of runway photos. enjoyed browsing through your posts. you're a talented writer--i'm sure you'd be a great fashion journalist one day. :) new follower, and hope we can stay connected. :) cheers!