Friday, 9 December 2011

My Trip To Brighton

 So yesterday I went to Brighton for a new shopping experience, and in fact a whole new weather experience! Besides snooping round all the vintage shops and unique boutiques that Brighton offers, I spent some time with my friends walking alongside the beach and getting blown away by 80mph winds! It was a great laugh although I almost one of my bags!

Here are some of my Brighton must-haves and finds...

A store I've wanted to visit for years! Red Mutha makes
original pieces from old scraps and unwanted clothes

My new belt from Urban Outfitters: £5 in the sale!
Primark: £12.00
Vivienne Westwood in Urban Outfitters... You don't wanna
know the price!
I saw this dress in Urban Outfitters, I want it!

Brighton pier and sea :)..

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