Sunday, 18 March 2012

Chelsea Boots

A truly comfortable shoe that can transform for any occasion, the Chelsea boot adds a fashionable kick to any outfit. I prefer mine velvet coated with a thick block heel but today the Chelsea boot has been revamped from its classic look into many gorgeous styles. The shoe was first invented for the use of horse riding in the early 1800s but soon became a favoured choice and fashion statement for everyday wear, with Queen Victoria even slipping her feet into a pair or two. In the 60s the style was whipped up by the mods and popularised by the iconic band, The Beatles, and now the brilliant style makes a huge come back! I have heard that it was these beautiful boots that were worn by the stormtroopers in Star Wars, stained white to fit the costume - I cannot confirm whether this is fact or fiction but it certainly makes them seem far more cool if you're a bit of geek Star Wars fan like myself. Chelsea boots are my favourite footwear this winter as they are a practical shoe - if your choice isn't a pair that sports a platform and 6inch heel - that give an edge to every look.

Here are a pair that I recently purchased from asos...


And here are a few other beautiful options...

 1. £29.99  2. £105 Topshop  3. £55  4. £33.99  5. £45 Office  6. £80 Topshop  7. £55  8. £35.99  9. £85  10. £65

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