Tuesday, 20 March 2012

On an impulse...

Well today I popped into town to kill some time before uni and it turned into one of those days where you arrive home with handfuls of shopping bags and a very bare purse. Yes, I am talking about those very hard to avoid impulse buys that we women are suckers for. And the funny thing is they're normally really stupid things - like today... Among a few necessary buys like more plates for the house and those which I tell myself are necessary like a Stella McCartney for Adidas top - I go running almost every week so I need it right? - I managed to come away with a new bin, a fan and some cat food :/ .. and chocolate, but we all know that's a necessity.
Okay, so the cat food I will explain... We have a cute cat that invites itself into our house every day :) and so we thought it would be a nice idea to get him some food as he's always very interested in ours.

As for the bin and the fan, I can't really explain so instead Ill show you. The bottom line is, I just thought they were pretty damn cool :)

My new bin matches the disney poster I got for christmas :) and ties in well with my crazy room decor.. I just had to have it!

Same goes for the fan really :)

Other than my beautiful McQueen scarf, my only designer items are all sportswear. They're just so much cheaper! This Stella McCartney top ties in well with the ss12 neon sports trend.

I also have an Alexander McQueen gym top and shoes :)...

Its a bit creased I know.. I hate ironing!

I also started my collection of the Harajuku perfumes with Lil Angel :) ...I recommend them all!


  1. I love your wall decor! So cool :D You're right, the bin bag totally matches your interiors and decorations!
    Did you smell the Prada Candy perfume? It's soo good :D

    Haha, we also have a cat popping in whenever it wants. Last time it jumped through the window while I was making pancakes XD. So sweet of you to buy your cat some food.
    xx Emily

  2. Thanks! Yea I have it smells so nice! And I love the bottle too! Haa that's so funny that you have a cat that does it too! :D Ours literally lives here now lol he's such a cutie.