Saturday, 28 April 2012

Westwood Booties

We all know that styles from the catwalk trickle down onto the high street, but if you're lucky you might find direct replicas of designer items - like the McQueen clutch bag I have shown before - for far cheaper than the designer price tag. This time I have discovered a copy of Vivienne Westwood's iconic plastic boots...

Vivienne Westwood, priced around £90
Interactionale, priced about £10
Westwood's boots may come in a variety of colours, and possibly last a little longer, but these are definitely a quality bargain ... especially from a store I usually refer to as 'the chav shop'.

"The dream that you wish will come true..."

Christian Louboutin will create his own version of Cinderella's glass slipper as seen in the famous 1950's movie. The shoe will celebrate Walt Disney's re-release of Cinderella on dvd this autumn, but we'll get a glimpse of the magical shoe this summer. Just when we'd packed in our childhood dreams for something more 'realistic', we are reminded that dreams can come true :)

Friday, 27 April 2012

ANTM Beautiful Shoots

I fell in love watching America's Next Top Model today because this week featured a hello kitty photo shoot! The styling and set was absolutely stunning! The pictures were taken by 16year old photographer Ann He.

Here are the pictures from the shoot...

Simone's picture however didn't quite make the cut and
she was sent home.
On the subject of hello kitty, I found these images that made me smile :)..

On the cover of Elle.. Who would've thought?

Lady Gaga sports a hello kitty plush dress.. Inspiration
 for ANTM's shoot maybe?

Looking at the hello kitty pictures from the ANTM shoot got me digging up some of the most famous and gorgeous Top Model photo shoots. Remember these...?

Ann's Italian Vogue shoot also blew me away...