Thursday, 10 January 2013

High Waisted Undies

High waisted knickers have fast become a huge trend in the lingerie market. The retro style is being pioneered by every brand from Topshop to Ann Summers but it's often thought a risque style that many women are afraid to try. I'm not surprised, it's the style of our grandparents' era which is a connotation that puts many of us off, with common references as 'the granny pant'. High waisted knickers were the fashion of the fifties, often worn with a longline bra and waspie to help create the cinched in waist that came with Dior's New Look. In recent decades, the high waisted knicker has been considered unfashionable, with thongs and briefs being more desirable, but I say embrace this sexy 'new' look!

In more recent years it has been dubbed 'the Bridget Jones pant' with many women fearing that famous Bridget Jones moment when she realises that she's wearing some incredibly large knickers, just as Cleaver is pulling up her dress. But today's high-rise pants come in a far more stylish and sexy selection, and in fabrics that aren't designed to suck you in and drop a dress size but to look and feel amazing. My favourites are those in silks and satins and a matching bra is vital. The unfortunate thing about this trend, however, is that stores charge you for that extra little bit of material, costing around £18 on the high street, which probably comes very close to the cost of the bra! Whether men get this look is the question on everyone's lips, but who cares? It's a look that will make you feel sexy, whether anyone see's it or not.

The trend has been popularised by the likes of Mad Men and Burlesque who's characters have become style icons leaving women lusting after their look, reminding women and designers today how sexy the style is. And it's not just on our screens, an endless number of celebrities are now flaunting the high waisted knicker in music videos, shows and photo shoots - and fashion is in love with it! In the last year, high waisted knickers have graced the covers of many of my magazines - and I buy a lot!

High waistlines are no longer a thing of the past, many skirts, trousers and shorts are all rising high once again which leaves us with all the more reason to slip into a retro pair of pants. We have all come to accept the high waisted knicker in the outerwear sense for clubbing - if you are unfamiliar with this look don't be too alarmed, this knicker is made in a much thicker and usually more embellished material than that used for lingerie, even if it does show off just as much - so I think it is now time for us girls - and in fact for men - to accept the high waisted knicker into our lingerie draw.

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